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Fotopub 2017

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Fotopub focuses on generating links between the freshest photographic activity and its wider cultural context. Unlike many other cultural institutions working in the field of photography, our foremost intention is to work actively at the site/place where emerging photographic practices meet unconventional curatorial gestures. We aim to recognize the qualities of young artists and connect them with established professionals in the field of contemporary art, thus enabling future interactions and supporting the development and acceleration of their artistic careers. Fotopub occupies and builds a space for emerging artists in a need of a platform for independent research, experimentation and practice, forming a multigenerational initiative for interdisciplinary cultural integration.


Fotopub, a festival led by young artists and curators, takes place each August in the rural town of Novo mesto, Slovenia. From 31 July to 5 August 2017, Fotopub will organise a series of formal and informal events, crucial for establishing fruitful networking channels. Ten exhibitions will be held by fourty-six international emerging artists, accompanied by a book fair, music and entertainment programme and a portfolio review, which will bring well known and respected artists, curators, editors, publishers and gallerists from the international art world to Novo mesto.

More info: https://fotopub.com/info

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